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Non Woven Filter Bag
We are a renowned name that offers top-grade Non Woven Filter Bag in different sizes and densities as per clients demand. These filtering elements can be used in liquid as well as gas-based systems to maintain high purity.
Filter Bag Cage
E3 Solutions is a leading manufacturer and supplier of robust and sturdy Filter Bag Cage barriers that are designed to secure filter bags within industrial facilities. Buy from us these robust and corrosion resistant cages in large quantities at a low price.
Polyester Filter Bag
Buy from us lightweight and durable Polyester Filter Bag for industrial-grade filtering machines to efficiently separate impurities from water and other types of liquids. The offered filtering elements can be delivered to our clients as per orders placed by them.
Dust Collectors
An industrial Dust Collector improves air quality by trapping particles from manufacturing processes. Customizable in size, it efficiently captures contaminants, aiding diverse industries. Durable, often white, it employs advanced techniques for high performance, enhancing safety and productivity with low maintenance, compatible with various settings for clean air and worker health.
Dust Collector Filter Bag
The Dust Collector Filter Bag, vital for industrial pollution control, comes in lengths up to 3660mm, with various sizes available, such as 4000mm. Crafted from durable materials like Glass Fiber and PTFE, it efficiently traps contaminants, ensuring cleaner air in manufacturing and mining.
PP Filter Bag
The PP Filter Bag, in various sizes like 14 inches, is a versatile filtration solution for pharmaceutical, dust collector, food, and cement plant industries. Crafted from durable Polypropylene (PP), it efficiently captures particles, ensuring clean air standards. With fine filtration, it enhances product quality and worker safety, offering compatibility and resistance to corrosion, making it indispensable in industrial processes.
Pleated Filter Bag
The Pleated Filter Bag, a non-woven filter, operates efficiently up to 150C. Crafted from Polypropylene (PP), its 1mm thickness ensures durability. With pleated design, it achieves 99.99% filtration efficiency. Primarily white, it's used in manufacturing, automotive, and pharmaceuticals for superior air filtration, relying on its high efficiency, durability, and easy maintenance.
Pulse Jet Bag Filter
The Pleated Pulse Jet Bag Filter, usually white and in different sizes, is an advanced industrial filtration system. Precision-crafted, it employs pleated design and pulse jet cleaning for superior performance, capturing airborne particles. Widely used in manufacturing, mining, and power generation, its attributes include high efficiency, longevity, and adaptability to diverse industrial processes, maintaining environmental standards and worker well-being.
Dust Filter Bag
The Dust Filter Bag, available in various sizes and typically in white or grey, is crucial for dust filtration. Crafted from durable materials like Homopolymer Acrylic or Fiber Glass, it efficiently captures airborne particles, ensuring cleaner air. Precision crafting enhances performance, promoting worker health and safety across industries like manufacturing, woodworking, and mining.
Industrial Filter Bags
Industrial Filter Bags, weighing 550 grams and measuring 150x3660 mm, are vital for dust filtration in industrial settings. Crafted meticulously in white, blue, or other colors, they efficiently capture particles, enhancing air quality and worker safety. With attributes like high filtration efficiency and durability, they maintain clean air standards, improving operational efficiency.
Filter Bag
A Filter Bag, crucial across industries like dust collection, food, pharmaceuticals, and cement plants, often in white and varied sizes, efficiently captures particles, enhancing air quality and workplace safety. Crafted with precision and durable materials, it traps contaminants, ensuring cleaner air and maintaining environmental standards and worker well-being.

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